Leaving for Ireland 3-18-2011

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It’s Not in the Book: Adventures of a Social Studies Teacher Who Lives Out of the Box

December 9, 2009 at 2:35 am (Uncategorized, Who am I)

Come along for the fun and a bit of adventure!

This month I am off to Ireland with a great group of friends. Check out our link on the sidebar and join in the adventures.

What is the point of this parking lot blog anyhow?

I am about living what I teach, and teaching to bring history, geography, and literature alive. This blog documents my travels, adventures discovering American history, and my quest to visit 1000 of my own determined places before I die. (I am going to complete my bucket list!)  It allows me to share some of my favorite links, our classroom dabblings in technology, and the trials and tribulations of the use of primary sources and literacy strategies in the classroom.

So who am I really?

I am Michelle Pearson; a preservationist, educator, national park enthusiast, scrapbooker, avid reader, and mom of three crazy and  loveable boys. I am married to my best friend who gives much of himself so that this teacher can teach, preserve historic landmarks, be involved in scouting, and countless other things. I happen to be the Colorado Teacher of the Year for 2011, so my journeys are far and near this year as I work hard to spread the my joy of being an educator with others, while encouraging them to support our next generation of students and teachers.

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