Leaving for Ireland 3-18-2011

March 21, 2011 at 12:11 am (Uncategorized)


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  1. Jeralyn Lash Sands said,

    While visiting my son and his family in Littleton, Colorado, I came across the January 2012 copy of Her Life Magazine in which you are featured as the Colorado Teacher of The Year. Congratulations! Teachers are truly important to not only the young, but for what they can offer parents in their own challenging roles.

    I am the mother of two and the grandmother of 4. I have always loved reading and writing and at the insistence of my grandchildren and my writing group, I wrote and self-published my first children’s story entitled The Big Bad Rain Monster. To my surprise, the beautifully illustrated story received a 5-Star Review.

    Since part of my role of author/self-publisher, is to get the word out about the book, I have had to ask others for their assistance. Therefore, I wonder in your role of Teacher of The Year, would you have any suggestions on how my book, which is meant to be read to or by children aged 3-10 years old, could be introduced into the Colorado School System/Libraries?

    A native New Yorker, I actually live, at the moment, in The Bahamas and make one or two visits a year to Colorado. Therefore, I am not able to do all the footwork (book signings/readings at schools and libraries/meeting teachers and store owners) that I might do if I were in residence there.

    I have a website at http://www.thebigbadrainmonster.com . And, a blog at http://www.jeralynlashsands.blogspot.com . Even if you just passed on my info, that would be an enormous feat for me and equally appreciated.

    Any assistance that you can or are willing to offer would be wonderful.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Good luck with the upcoming school year.

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